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Top 4 Reasons to Take Up Juicing Immediately


from​​​​​​​ by Cameron Smith


In the ERSS household, we’re big fans of 7-day juice cleanse. In a related story, we’re big fans of torture.

Ok, we don’t LOVE drinking veggie drainage for a week, but the benefits are so undeniably great that we go a full 7 days 1-2 times per year (as well as small 1- or 3-day cleanses occasionally).

We don’t treat it like a gimmicky way to lose weight, but rather a deep-healing treatment. Nutrition is the cheapest medicine there is.

Here’s why you should start juicing now.

Quickest Way to Cure Your Chemical Food Addiction

Just like detoxing from alcoholism, you need to detox from the crappy foods you eat. Even we, who eat super-freaky healthy, go out to eat 1-2 times per week and sometimes need help getting our bodies off the bad stuff.

Over time, your body literally gets addicted to chemicals.  When you eat synthetic, processed quasi-foods, your taste buds physically change – and all of a sudden you crave Rice Chex more than homemade granola. On the flip-side, when you get accustomed to healthy eating, the junky stuff doesn’t taste good anymore.

Take my family. My parents claim not to like the taste of real maple syrup, preferring Mrs. Butterworth or Log Cabin. I find this to be insanity, but their taste buds are trained to enjoy chemicals.

If I go a week or two eating more junk than I should, a quick 3-day juice cleanse reminds my taste buds that we don’t like chemicals.

Fastest Healthy Weight Loss in the Known Universe

Most quickie weight loss tactics are designed to do one thing: lower the number on the scale, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, most extreme weight loss tactics malnourish you, forcing your body to desperately search for alternate means of nutrition.

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Extreme diets cause your body to cannibalize muscle and bone to keep your body running. I once lost 30 pounds with extreme dieting, but a body fat test showed me I’d only lost 13 pounds of actual fat. I’m sure there was some water weight in there, but I’m positive I lost healthy body mass I would rather have kept.

But hey, the scale was friendly to me, right?? Also, if I cut off my right arm, I’d lose like 10 pounds… maybe I should try it!

In reality, ridding your body of toxins is the most effective long-term weight loss technique (along with good ol’ fashioned healthy eating, of course) – not Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, or HCG.

Toxins you’ve been eating, breathing, drinking, and applying to your skin for your entire life accumulate in the soft tissues of your body… like your fat. Juicing (along with proper herbal supplementation) fires up your body’s toxin removal mechanisms, allowing your fat to release these toxins.

Then, you can begin to shed the fat. And it isn’t fat you’ve just put on last week – you’ll lose fat that’s been there 20 years. I’ve lost 12 pounds on a 7-day juice cleanse before.

And I’m not pilfering from muscle or bone.


Heal Your Gut, Finally

The greatest danger to our health (that nearly everyone suffers from) is terrible gut health.

It’s the unseen epidemic that a miniscule few even know about, and even fewer actively try to improve. You probably ignore gut health because you don’t recognize the symptoms, so you think there’s no reason to improve it.

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In reality, bad gut health causes:




Chronic sickness/disease








Of course, that’s in addition to bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and other obvious signs of gut issues.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our Gut Health Series – if I could recommend 2 posts on this site to read, it’d be those two. There’s nothing more important for you.

Juicing (the cliff notes version) gives your gut a break from digesting solids. It’s like giving someone with the flu a chance to rest in bed for a week – they’ll get better quicker than if they’re training for a marathon.

Plus, the prodigious amount of nutrients sparks healing, especially in your gut. It’s like dispatching an army of trauma surgeons to fix what’s wrong.

Want to see the quickest and most dramatic improvements to your overall health? Heal your gut through juicing.

It’s Cheaper Than You Think

You might’ve stayed away from juicing because you’ve heard it’s crazy expensive, like eating at a 5-star restaurant every day.

I’ve heard those stories too, and I call bs.

I can buy a 25-lb bag of organic carrots for $15. I often buy organic celery for $1/lb and organic cucumber for $.80. Those 3 veggies comprise 80% of the juice I drink.

The two of us spent less than $100 for the week to juice – which comes to about $7 per person per day. That’s less than a single meal at a burger joint, and not much more than our normal food budget.

Here’s how we did it:

Buy in season – we did a juice cleanse in May and the produce was dirt cheap.

Focus on cheap, high-yielding produce – those three I mentioned before are a great start.

But non-organic if no other way around it – 90% of our juicing produce is organic, but occasionally we’ll get regular. If it’s something we need and the organic is extravagantly expensive, we’ll trust that we eat enough organic that one thing won’t kill us.

Check out multiple places – we’d always heard the farmers market was the place to buy cheapest, but we found out our local Sprouts was even cheaper